The oil and gas is a popular job search industry.

If you are even a little familiar with the economies of the countries of the Middle East region, then you can surely say with certainty that it is the oil refining and gas industries that are most developed here and make up a large part of the revenue part of the regional budgets. Even prices in international financial markets always focus on the Gulf countries.

At the same time, the countries of the Middle East are not large both in territory and in population. For this reason, their companies and corporations constantly need specialists from other countries.

Jobs in the field of oil and gas production and processing is the most demanded industry for employment.

What positions are required to job in oil and gas in the Middle East?

You can find permanent and temporary work in the Middle East region in the field of oil and gas with different knowledge and experience. Depending on these factors, applicants can occupy both working specialties and positions in the field of management.

Our company today offers many vacancies in this field, among which

  • accountant payable for an oil and gas company,
  • fixed asset controller,
  • liner hanger specialist/supervisor,
  • venture geoscientist for an oil and gas company,
  • enhanced oil recovery specialist and many others.

On our site you will always find current vacancies in this sector of the economy.

How to get the desired job in oil and gas?

Employment through our company is the most reliable and effective way, as opposed to independent job search, because we always provide our clients with complete and reliable information about all stages of job search.

Our clients can independently choose a position suitable for them and send us an application so that we consider it.

You can also post your resume, which will be available to potential employers. In the event that your candidacy is suitable in all respects, we will contact you. This method will be most effective, since several employers can pay attention to you at once.

Our company, in turn, will make every effort to find you a job as soon as possible.