The most relevant jobs in the oil and gas industry.

One of the highest paid positions in Middle East Companies is considered to be those in the oil and gas industries. These are the most developed sectors of the economy of the Gulf countries, since they are the main sources of income for these states.

To work in the oil and gas industries, foreign specialists are also involved. They occupy both managerial positions and vacancies directly related to the work process.

Among current vacancies at the moment, our company can offer you

  • Electrical, Instrument & Controls (E&IC) – Refinery
  • Sales Coordinator / Supply Chain Representative
  • Chief Accountant
  • New Venture Geoscientist for an Oil and Gas Company
  • Buyer – Electrical
  • Fixed Asset Controller
  • other.

You can choose any suitable vacancy using the quick and convenient search on our website.

To fill these positions, applicants must have the appropriate profile education and experience in the specialty.

We will help you find a job in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman – in the best oil refining and gas producing companies. Here you will be offered good conditions and high wages, as well as a package of social guarantees. In addition, the companies draw up all the necessary documents for the legal residence and work of foreigners. It is also possible to pay for travel and accommodation costs.

When choosing a job in the oil and gas industry from the countries of the Middle East, pay attention to our Company Iliuz. We will help you find a suitable position and provide all the necessary consulting services so that you get a job as soon as possible.