EXPO 2020 in Dubai attracts new jobs.

One of the most significant events of this year in world business is the international exhibition Expo Dubai 2020, which will be held between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

Expo 2020 themes reflect real world economic trends – opportunities, mobility and sustainability. In addition, Dubai does not change its image of a state that is modern and open to new technologies, and in the exhibition program focuses on investments in various sectors: economic growth, real estate, environmental trends and public relations. That is why, by the start date of the exhibition, Dubai also timed the opening of the world’s largest project for the production of solar energy, which should reflect the state’s innovative policy.

However, modern Dubai is also distinguished by the fact that despite the openness to the modern technological process, this country does not cease to maintain its eastern identity, which manifests itself in a special attention to public relations and the creation of comfortable conditions for each resident and guest of the country.

These factors have become the key to the stable success of companies from the Emirates in international markets, which ensures stable GDP growth.

An active recruitment of employees is already underway for job at the EXPO 2020 exhibition, and everyone has a chance to take part in this grand event.
Our company offers several vacancies for job at EXPO 2020:

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