Job in industry and job in manufacture are increasingly attracting foreigners to the Middle East.

Gulf countries are known worldwide for their tourism and oil industries. At the same time, other areas of the economy are no less developed here. For example, industrial production.

It is the Middle Eastern states that today constitute serious competition for industrialized countries in the volume of production of industrial goods.

Job in industry and job in manufacture here are one of the paramount importance in economic life.

Among the most dynamically developing industries in the Gulf countries can be noted the production of building materials, medical equipment, and mineral processing.

Also widely developed are the production of plastics, fertilizers, pulp and paper production, the production of textiles, food and household chemicals. Some countries are successfully starting to develop space production.

It is these industries that need a large influx of labor, including from other states. For this, the countries of the Middle East are creating all the necessary conditions, in that force and at the legislative level, attracting an increasing number of workers to work in industry and work in production.

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