Personnel and personnel management are in demand jobs in any field of the profession.

The modern development of any company or firm, regardless of which sector of the economy or field of activity they work, is inextricably linked with the personnel who will work and work in them.

For this reason, to implement successful activities it is very important to correctly and competently develop a development strategy for your Company. One of its important components can safely be called the correct and effective selection of personnel.

In this enormous and invaluable role is played by personnel and personnel management , who have the responsibility of recruiting personnel. It is recruitment managers who are engaged in the hiring and development of employees, their training and continuous improvement of skills.

The duties of personnel management personnel also include analysis of personnel performance, activity planning, assessment of working conditions and their improvement to increase productivity.

The recruitment manager carries out the recruitment, selection and vocational guidance of new employees, is responsible for organizing their training.

Also, his duties include the remuneration of staff and the resolution of conflict issues in the workforce and between employees and the employer.
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