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To find job in Jordan and other countries of the Middle East, you can use the independent search, but it will be most effective to apply to a specialized company that provides employment services.

For example, our Iliuz Company has a large database of vacancies in the Middle East and Jordan. We work with large employers of the region in order to offer our clients the best vacancies, and also post resumes from applicants for a faster job search.

The advantages of choosing Jordan as a country for employment are its high level of economic development, a stable political environment and a favorable climate for life.

Unlike neighboring states, Jordan’s economy is independent of the oil industry. The manufacturing industry is much developed here: the extraction and processing of phosphates, limestone, marble and others.

In addition, among job offers in Jordan, one can also find vacancies for the agricultural industry, which provides not only the local market, but also the country’s foreign trade.

The tourism industry also holds a large share in the Jordanian economy. Tourists are attracted by both the country’s climate, high-level hotels, and historical attractions.

All these sectors of the economy are constantly in need of labor and contribute to labor migration from other countries. Therefore, work in Jordan is one of the most popular requests in the labor market.

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