How to write a resume for job search in the Middle East region.

Job in the Middle East region is very popular among applicants from Asia and Africa. Labor activity in this region is most beneficial from a financial point of view, as well as for gaining the necessary experience, since all the key sectors for world business are involved in the economic life of these countries.

In order to find a job that will correspond to your work experience and education, you need to learn how to write a resume in which as much as possible indicate the full information about your professional skills and education.

A correctly and correctly written resume will help you quickly find a suitable job. It is a kind of business card for the employee, and for the employer it is the main source of information and the prospective applicant for a specific position.

For this reason, it is precisely to compiling a resume at the job search stage that you need to approach with the greatest responsibility.

First you need to specify basic information about yourself – surname and name, date of birth, attach a photo. This section also includes data on marital status, citizenship and your place of residence. Here you can also indicate the possibility of moving, if necessary, to another country or city. In addition, be sure to include your current contact information: phone numbers, email, accounts on social networks and instant messengers.

The next part is information on the availability of special education and work experience. In this section, the job seeker indicates the dates of education and the period of work in certain positions.
You can also specify additional skills that the employee possesses. This may be, for example, the confident use of computer programs and driving vehicles, the level of knowledge of other foreign languages. It is necessary to note the current world practice of compulsory knowledge of the English language. German and Chinese are also popular.

In aggregate, all knowledge and skills of the employee are evaluated by the employer and it is in this part of the resume, which is the most significant in terms of obtaining information.

In addition, indicate the same personal qualities that distinguish you as an employee, what positive traits of your character will help you in your position and professional growth. This section is very important for the employer, because here you characterize yourself as a person and your potential leadership will help you to understand whether you are ready to improve your knowledge and experience.

Be sure to fill in the information about what position you are applying for and what payment you want to receive for your work. Here the employee is given the opportunity to independently evaluate their professionalism.

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